Ferrofish PULSE 16 DX Converter: The Dantification of Flexibility.

“The Ferrofish PULSE16 DX combines the performance and different formats of the renowned PULSE series seamlessly with a 64-channel Dante I/O – at an unmatched pricepoint. The integrated routing matrix and the headphone out for direct monitoring add just another level of flexibility. This is indeed the new swiss-army knife for all audio professionals.“

Juergen Kindermann, CEO of Ferrofish.


The PULSE16 DX is the high-quality solution to connect a wide range of Analog, MADI, ADAT and Dante equipment to a mixer or a computer interface – with up to 192 kHz.

The high-density converter provides 16 x 16 balanced analoge TRS-I/Os and can handle pro studio levels up to +20dBu – adjustable in 1 dB steps. The DX is using the recent high-performance low-latency converter generation from Cirrus Logic. Combined with a temperature-compensated high-precision clock and an active jitter reduction hardware design, the 354-channel DX delivers an exceptional detailed sound.

On the digital side, the multi-format device provides an optical MADI I/O with 64 I/Os. 2 x 4 ADAT ports can convert all 16 analog I/Os – even with up to 96 kHz.

The smaller brother of Ferrofish´s A32 Dante flagship device, adds the Dante network to an already impressive array of I/Os – unique in this price range. The PULSE16 DX with all of its features fits perfectly into the scalable network infrastructures of the Dante Eco System – with seamless Plug & Play. The powerful Dante control software allows the routing of all channels freely within the network. Combined with the Virtual Dante soundcard, the PULSE16 DX turns into a powerful audio interface.

The DX incorporates a Word Clock I/O and a MIDI I/O for embedding signals and remote control of the unit. Many popular features from the flagship A32 have been added as well: Preset Management, Panel Lock and the sophisticated routing matrix.

All in all the fan-less, small footprint device is a huge problem solver for studio and live sound applications.

2 x 64 Channels to the Dante network. With advanced Plug & Play.

The DX delivers all the industry-leading features of Dante – including 64 channels bi-directional transmission and port redundancy. The high density converter can integrate isolated islands of Analog, MADI or ADAT equipment to a Dante network or the other way around, e. g. adding a group of network devices and analog devices to a MADI mixing console. Thanks to the internal routing matrix with it´s submix capability, Dante streams can be freely merged from channels of all other formats (Analog, ADAT, MADI) – and even from Dante inputs.

The integrated headphone output provides a very helpful feature: it can monitor ANY signal in the Dante network, by simply routing it to the Dante and the phones out. Unmatched flexibility!

The PULSE16 DX is out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. It fits directly into the scalable network infrastructure – simply with the connection of a common CAT5/6 cable. The device is immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – just plug CAT5 or CAT6 cable into the network and start to work. The device can also work in AES67 mode (selection via the settings display).

Optical MADI I/O

The DX provides a MADI SFP module with an optical LC connector. The MADI I/O supports daisy-chain delay compensation and carries MIDI-over-MADI. The default Multimode module can be exchanged with a Singlemode module.

2 x TFT Display

Two high-resolution TFT displays provide detailed level information for all 2 x 16 analog signals – allowing the overview of the signal flow in and out of the unit. The innovative on-board contextual help, much loved by Ferrofish users, allows it to use the high-tech device, without reaching for the manual.

Internal Routing Matrix

The PULSE16 DX provides a sophisticated internal matrix for the free routing and splitting of all 112 Ins to all 112 Outs in blocks of 8 channels. The headphone output on the front allows it to monitor every mono or stereo I/O directly on the unit.

Remote Control

The DX can be remote controlled with MIDI-based commands. The remote software on a host computer can use various connections to the device:

MIDI: The device can be controlled via a MIDI cable from the host computer to the integrated MIDI I/O.
Multiple Ferrofish devices – at a stage or in the equipment rack – can be controlled via daisy chaining.

The MIDI connection can also be used, to control non-Ferrofish MIDI equipment in the studio rack or on stage. The MIDI routing can be adjusted via the display.

MIDI over MADI: The DX responds to MIDI remote control, embedded in the received MADI stream. To use this feature, it needs a MADI audio interface. e. g. from our partner RME, which is capable of embedding MIDI data in the MADI stream.

USB: The integrated USB port can be used to remote control the device. When connecting to the PC, the unit will appear as a USB-MIDI device.

Dante Network: If the host computer is connected via a Dante network to the DX, the device can be controlled very conveniently with embedded MIDI-over-Dante messages.

The Ferrofish Pulse16 DX AD/DA will be available in Q3 2018.

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